Sorry no new posts!

I've been doing 2 things: helping my daughter through her tonsillectomy recovery and painting a large painting commission that I finished yesterday.  I need to photograph it and post it here.  I'll try to get that done today!  The small ones will return soon!  Thank you for checking back--can't wait to paint some new stuff!


Beach Study

In working on this really large painting for a client, I had run into an issue of working with the photos they gave me of each of the family members. Each is looking toward the camera, and I found it hard to not make the painting like a portrait. So, after looking at several photos of them, I came up with this idea that I really had envisioned for the painting--each of them doing something on the beach with a dramatic sky and other elements from photos they gave me--the island in the distance, a boat, etc. I'm pleased with this idea for them and am waiting to hear if they will go for this. The only thing I plan to do different from this study is to make the figures a bit larger, which will mean bringing the view in closer, eliminating a bit of the sandy area.

Oil on panel, 12x16, $450 plus $10 shipping SOLD



Are good things every born out of anger and frustration? This was my painting from yesterday, a vase of flowers. You know there is something wrong when Carole paints flowers. People who know me know that I don't typically paint them. It's just that I received some pretty pink roses for Valentine's Day last week, and putting 3 of them in a simple vase inspired me to paint them. It was an okay painting, but in trying to "perfect" it today, I got angry and just did the scribble thing, ruining it. Anyone ever done that? I bet I'm the only one...Well, as I did that, I began doing a practice run of a beach scene that I am actually working on right now as a 3ft. x 4ft. painting for a client. I want my large one to be more like this. This painting, "Dusk" as I've named it, has turned into a study for my commissioned one. So good things can result from frustration. Or maybe it's perseverance?
What I love about this is the sky--it's that time of day on the shore where the clouds are glorious, but people aren't quite discernable as the daylight turns to evening. This is one of my favorite hours when I'm at the beach. This painting is very textural, painted in oil on canvas. Ahhh. Oil.

Can anyone tell I've been home caring for my baby who had a tonsillectomy this week? Forgive any negative vibes that you felt reading this...Blessings!

Oil on Canvas, 12x9, $295 plus $10 shipping


No. 5!

Fresh off my easel today is "No. 5!" It looks as though it is fresh out of its box too-how thrilling for those of us Chanel No. 5 lovers! Similar to one I painted last year, this one is richer in color--I used some rich oils on this. This painting is on a really nicely finished cradled board with finished black-washed sides. It is ready to hang too!

Oil on Cradled Wood, 12x12, $325 plus $12 shipping SOLD


Been Busy!

The past several days I've been working on commissions, as these clients have been waiting a year or more now. But for now, enjoy this paintng OF me that my sister Claire painted from a shopping experience that we had in Seaside, Florida 2 weekends ago during our Rosemary Beach Getaway. It can be purchased on her blog!



The number one college mascot in the U.S. featured here. Auburn's own Aubie! I found a photo of him in his traditional #1 jersey running with the orange flag before the game as someone else (probably a male cheerleader) is running with the blue flag--and Nova has probably made his pre-game flight too! Traditions are what Auburn is all about...love it!

Oil on Panel, 8x8, $200 plus $8 shipping SOLD

Rosemary Bike

Still thinking of the great time we had in Rosemary last weekend. I shot a quick shot of my friend Kim's bike as she met us at the Town Hall to help us out (like she does at the drop of a hat). This is her bike--one of the many pastel-colored bikes you see around Rosemary, leaning against the Town Hall wall. I started this a few days ago and finished it this morning. It is painted in oil, and there is an ugly acrylic painting underneath. Any artists out there can relate to this "technique?" haha I love painting over a great underpainting. It allows for some great texture and scumbling, and it inspired me to stay loose!

Oil on canvas, 24x18, $400 plus $15 shipping SOLD



With Lent here and attending the Ash Wednesday last night, I wanted to paint something I saw in my devotion book--this snippet of Jesus on the cross. I want this season to be a time that I realize my weaknesses and sin and lay them down at the feet of Jesus and improve my ways. I want it to be a closer walk with Him. Look at the peaceful, loving way he sacrificed for me. For YOU too. Each of us. There is no greater love than this.

Oil on Panel, 8x8, $200 plus $10 shipping SOLD


The Art Lesson

Today, I had a one-on-one art lesson with a most precious lady, Miss Horton. Her grown daughters gave her this as a gift for Christmas. I enjoyed being with her so much--she couldn't have been a more precious student--so talented, yet humble and worked so hard. She stood the whole time in her sneakers. She is 84 years old! I couldn't believe it when she told me. She attends the Silver Sneakers workout group at our local wellness center, she plays bridge weekly and attends a Bible study weekly. That sounds like the secrets she has in staying youthful. Let me tell you--she looks maybe 65. Amazing! I wanted to shoot a photo of her, but my battery was dead in my camera, so I just painted her. My studio has brick walls with a slathering of white stucco on the wall--that is where she is standing. There are wood floors also with track lighting casting the shadows....

Acrylic on Panel, 10x8, $100 plus $10 shipping SOLD

Rosemary Sugar Shack

Last weekend at Rosemary Beach, I took about 45 minutes to go outside and paint-- plein air out in the open area in front of the Town Hall--I was dying to get out with my French easel and just paint. Anywhere you look offers such a great painting idea. So, I did it! It was so much fun. The light was changing so quickly as it was near sunset. IT was exhilarating to paint fast and get the paint on there. That's why this painting is so loose--painted fast with alot of gestural strokes. The texture is due to thick and chunky underpainting. What do you think?

Below is a shot of me taken by my sister who had run and gotten us each a Starbucks at the cute little coffee shop right there. You can see the paitning of the Rosemary Starbucks below in another post.

Acrylic on Canvas, 12x12, $300 plus $10 shipping SOLD


Inviting Porch - Rosemary Beach

Claire and I just returned last night from the beautiful Rosemary Beach to teach our workshop and attend the Girls Getaway Weekend. What a fabulous time! We had 8 friends join us as guests in our house, and we all had such an awesome time! Thanks to Kim and Kathy for a beautifully-designed weekend--it was amazing to see faces from last year and meet new phenomenal women. Just loved it!

Well, here is a porch that I painted from a beautiful home there. The owner asked last year about a house portrait, and this is just a little piece I did in response...It is oil on panel.

Oil on Panel, 8x8, $200 plus $10 shipping SOLD