Encaustic Love!!

Today, I began a couple of pieces that are to go with a crab I did a while back. The crab sold to a client who also wanted a shrimp and a lobster to go with it to hang at her beach house. I had a ball firing them up and getting them done today. I utilized with the beeswax some pigment sticks I bought a while back and had never used. So much fun! Here are the 3 pieces together.


Working away in the studio...



Only those who know breeds of crabs will understand the title of this painting!  I began painting crabs several years ago, and they are always so much fun with great opportunities for color and portrayal of wetness. Personality can evolve as well once eyes are added.  Several layers of paint created lots of scumbling effects throughout this piece, especially in the neutral areas--there are lots of colors that come through.

Acrylic on Canvas with Gloss Varnish, 18x18, $395 plus $20 shipping.


Large Pair

"Large Pair" was finished quite some time ago, and it's been hanging high in my gallery with lots of adoring patrons commenting on it. Today, while my ladder was handy, I took it down to finally add to my blog. Now it's available to all of you! This piece would make a great piece of art in a focal point of a room--above a sofa or mantle. It is a big piece! One of my favorite subjects--pears against a rich red background with satin gloss varnish finishing it. I used to paint these alot years ago on smaller canvases. This was fun to do it oversized.

Acrylic on Canvas, 40x30, For sale at Sunshine Village Gallery in Watkinsville GA SOLD