Cardinal Girl

A different season, but she still gazes at him in the previous post. Enjoying painting birds these days.  She was so pretty in the stark simplicity of the winter sky. Painted in oil with minimal knife work.

12x9 on Canvas, $295 (includes shipping)


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This boy was painted in my Thursday Class last week, and today I finished his girlfriend that will be posted next. This is done in rich, buttery oil with lots of knife application.

9x12 on Canvas, $295 (includes shipping)


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One of the latest pieces off my easel--I love doing funky kitchen-themed pieces.  They offer a fun subject done is bursts of bright color and fun texture. This one would be great in YOUR kitchen!
18x18 Oil on Canvas $395 includes shipping.

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Gal Time

Some know that I believe I have a spiritual connection with these creatures.  Maybe it's because my grandfather had a dairy farm that I so loved visiting.  But, the funny thing is, I can be stressed to pieces and drive out of our little town just a few miles and see cows and feel such a warmth in my spirit.  Yes, that's me.  I admit it.  This little piece is a 7x5--perfect for a little spot to bring some warmth.

7x5 Oil on uncradled Clayboard, $295 SOLD


Aubie Close Up!

Looking his best! Aubie, Close Up is a very tactile piece full of texture and scumbled to his perfection.
Original and painted in acrylic.

16x12, Acrylic on Canvas


Lonely Pear

Finished this pear which was the star of my latest Video Tips painting where I demonstrated toning and using a palette knife.  It is rich in warm and cool reds and and warm and cool greens.  Hope you like it! It's lonely and needs a home. Would feel right at home in your kitchen or dining room. 

12x12 Acrylic on Canvas, $375 plus $10 shipping

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Hot Stuff Line-Up

This piece is fresh off my easel from a class I taught in light and shadows recently. When I teach, my students know I am a "shadow police" being that those dark areas are what people seem to be scared of the most.  It was a great lesson and this would be perfect in your kitchen!  See my other Thursday lessons coming up and join me for one!

Acrylic on Canvas, 10x18, $295 plus shipping

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Aubie #8

Sharing one of my latest paintings that I painted at the awesome Shoals Area Auburn Club Paint Night!  What fun we had! Give someone (yourself!)  a little bit of Aubie's spirit captured in this piece!

Acrylic on Canvas, 11x14, $195 plus tax & shipping



Starbucks Date!

One of my favorite things in life is sharing coffee with a friend.
This painting pays homage to those special moments that build lasting relationships!

10x10, Acrylic on Canvas, $125 plus shipping


New Paintings!

Lots of classes going on this summer from Paint Nights to Private Lessons, and I've been doing smaller demonstration paintings that sometimes make for final pieces too.  I love when that happens!

Clownfish, Acrylic on Gallery-wrapped canvas, 12x12 Gallery-wrapped SOLD

Cocky, Acrylic on Canvas, 8x10 SOLD


Cafe Conversation

Ready to ship! Finished this a few weeks ago and it's now dry. One of my favorite themes of coffee and conversation--one of my favorite things to do too! Having just returned from Italy and doing lots of this watching people go by on Via Nazionale in Cortona, this one is very special to me!

Oil on Clayboard panel, 12x16, $295 plus $15 shipping.



I am embracing painting flowers!  I'm erasing from my memory all the old stodgy still lifes I studied in 3 semesters of Art History that had dark, boring floral themes that have kept me so against painting flowers.  Just ask my students who know me. ;)  I'm deriving my own now! This one evolved from a demo I started in my Color Cafe class this week.  The rich, oil impasto of the foreground flower was fun to do against the blended, blurred smoother background flowers.

Oil on Canvas, 12x16, SOLD


From my Inspirational Paint Night, this was a message that I came up with to paint, "Surrender."  It's a message that I have been hearing for some time to yield to God's leading.  I can say that the times that I have truly done that, my life has been beyond thrilling!  I smile more because I'm amazed at His guidance and love shown through the doors He opens.  So, surrender!

10x20 Acrylic on Canvas, $125 plus tax and shipping



I found this photo of a pile of craw-daddys in a book in New Orleans when I was staying at the Monteleone Hotel and loved the way they were lying there looking at the camera.  The photo was fantastic in and of itself, but I wanted to translate it into paint showing the details that photo held in the most-focused areas.  So you will see the texture of the claws and the dimensional eyeballs in this.  It was fun to do! As my student, Sarah, could attest, I started this very haphazardly and was glad that she wasn't really following along, but it finally came to life.  We laughed about it.

Acrylic on Canvas, 10x8, $250 plus shipping


Soft Tuscan Landscape

One of the many Tuscan landscapes I've done since my last visit there in September. The colors in this one are much softer. What I loved is the cool color of the dirt road that winds through it next to the warm colors of the sun hitting the trees. In the distance you can vaguely see small Tuscan homes.

Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 12, $295 plus $15 shipping.