I got to paint alot yesterday--yay!  A large one I finished is going to the Commissary in Birmingham AL.  But the other thing I've been working on are some charcoal drawings for my Dad's latest book.  This is the last one, and it's off to the publisher.

My Dad approving it...the messy desk of an author :)

I love chair paintings so much--my sister Claire does some great ones!  I added a purse to this one, making it a little more colorful.
Oil on Canvas, 10x8, $295 plus $8 shipping SOLD


This small board was a great shape to paint one of my favorite subjects--a Tabasco bottle.  Unlike most of my others, this one isn't as crooked, but very textural with lots of golden-greenish color in the background.  It would make a perfect piece of art for any Cajun's kitchen!  Or anyone who loves Tabasco like I do! 

on Board (ready to hang), 9.75 x 3.75, $95 plus $5 shipping SOLD


A common subject for me--Gustav's most awesome creativity--the Eiffel Tower. It was so powerfully beautiful to me when I saw it many years ago--saw it, photographed it, went to the top of it and photographed Paris from there--really experienced the glory of it. Do you have a story from when you saw it?

I began this painting as a demo for an interview that a young girl was doing about me for her class. She had chosen me as a hero--imagine that! ha! I painted this while she filmed, didn't finish it, and finally finished it last week.

Acrylic on Canvas, 30x10, SOLD


Workshop Schedule!

Notice all of my offerings for workshops from now through September. One of the most popular and rewarding workshops I offer is the Creative Spirit class. This class approaches our creativity in painting from the very source of our desire to paint--our great Creator God.It has just been announced for August 12 - September 30. This is the fastest-filling workshop I have ever offered. So, if you're interested sign-up soon. I would love to have you!


Bottle Parade

This painting is a study I did of glass with a line-up of some of my favorite bottles. My husband had enjoyed the beer in the green beer bottle the night before, and I told him, "I'm going to paint that tomorrow!" So, I did--plus a bunch of other bottles. I love the colors in this. The labels were fun too. My class was inspired and decided to paint this too earlier this week.

Acrylic on Canvas, 10x20, $325 plus $8 shipping SOLD

Wine & Olives

This past week in my Creative Spirit class, we painted still lifes with bottles of all kinds. I added some olives and salt & pepper to the collection of glass (our study) and made this subject--one of my favorites. Look for another painting coming of bottles--the girls enjoyed painting them and did a fantastic job on their paintings. Forgive me for not posting so often, I am teaching alot and also working on some commissions that really need to be done. I'll post those when I finish them!

Oil on Canvas, 18x18, $400 plus $10 shipping SOLD


New paintings!

I have about 3 new paintings to post, but have had no time to do so. Things are busy for me right now teaching alot and planning workshops. I'll have some fun news and new paintings to post soon! Sorry to keep you waiting though...Keep checking back!