Sharing one of my latest: "Gus" my dog. I painted him during my last Paint Night along with many other people painting their own dogs. It was so much fun! This is a large portrait of him-30x24, Acrylic on Canvas. Love my sweet boy!


Passion & Glory! Mark Ingram

Celebrating the National Championship with lots of folks in my sweet home of Alabama, I painted this awesome image of Mark Ingram after the Crimson Tide defeated Texas in the BCS Championship game January 7th. When I am moved by greatness as this young man has displayed this year, winning the Heisman and leading his team to win the championship, I head to my canvas with lots of adrenaline flowing along with the paint. I finished this large painting just as the team was landing back onto Alabama soil from California, landing as champions. "Sweet Home Alabama" even played loudly as I painted. Pride for this young man overwhelmed me.

48"x 36" Canvas, Oil Paint & Oil Stick over Acrylic base. SOLD