Drop Of Sun Giclee

Giclee print on canvas!  Drop of sun now available.  20x6, $150  email with inquiry/interest!


Auburn Painting

War Eagle!  Today is Iron Bowl day for my Auburn Tigers so this painting is more appropriate as it pokes fun AND celebrates Auburn's heritage in agriculture. "Cow College" is what we are called by that other school.  That is the name of this piece as it also portrays our awesome stadium and Samford Hall.  It is a large painting--30x40, Oil on Canvas.  I will be an Auburn fan till the cows come home!  If interested in this piece, please email me and let me know!  SOLD Only giclee prints available.  Please inquire about sizes and prices.


Become a True Follower!

As some of you realized yesterday, it pays to be a "follower" of my blogs!  Yes, you may follow my blog, but are you enlisted on the sidebar over there?  Add yourself today, and see how the rewards will be wonderful!  They may bring you free things, discounted things or plain ol' good info.  Just sign on and see...


Special For my Blog Followers!

OK, here is your reward if you signed on as a follower:
Come to tonight's Wine & Paint Night for only $20!
Theme: Shoes!
4 spots left.
Yes! There are rewards for those who pay attention to my blog,
no matter how random and silly it may seem at times. ;)
Hint: Become a follower today and catch the next surprise!
If you are a lucky follower today, then just call the studio to hold your spot for tonight's Wine & Paint, and you can pay when you come. Can't wait!


New Encaustics!

I'm leaving for St. Paul, MN next week for an Art Show at Claire Kayser's gallery--my twin sister!  Can't wait!  I finished a couple of encaustic pieces today to ship up there tomorrow.  They are very rich in texture and vibrant color.  They will be available there in St. Paul.  So if you're around the area--come by and see all the artists' work!  There are about 7 of us showing--sure to be a feast for the eyes!

"Filthy Red", Encaustic on Cradled Clayboard (2"), 10x10 SOLD

"Crab Legs," Encaustic on Cradled Clayboard (2"), 10x10
(the piece doesn't have a dark border around it--just the photo)

"Hors D'oeuvres" Acrylic on Canvas, 18x18 $595 SOLD

I'm taking one more painting to St. Paul that is not encaustic, but acrylic on canvas...


Tonight's The Night!

For sale tonight for the first time since it has been finished (2007) and since there have been numerous prints made of it (sold at AuburnArt.Com), Momma G's will be available to a lucky owner! Momma Goldbergs is the beloved deli in Auburn that has now given birth to one in Homewood, Tuscaloosa, and LaGrange, Georgia.  Any Auburn student knows that Momma G's is where lunch or dinner was.  I can still taste that awesome "Mommas Love"....



Here is something near and dear to me--food with a New Orleans flair--a shrimp boil, gumbo...It is becoming the season for such great food like that.  My family is having gumbo tomorrow night celebrating my sister's arrival to Athens!  (Claire  and I have our Birmingham show this Thursday night!) Can't wait--my Mom makes the best!  This painting is in my gallery window right now.  Come see it in person.

Acrylic on Canvas, Varnished, 20x24  $600 SOLD
Call the studio for purchasing. 256.232.2521


Living An Auburn Moment!

This is the latest off my easel for "Auburn Influences" at the Birmingham Commissary Design Warehouse next week--Thursday night, the 23rd.  It will be available that night!    This is a large piece that would be a hit in any major room in some Auburn lover's home--over a sofa, fireplace as a focal point in any room!

Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 48


Latest Off My Easel - Nova In Flight

This painting was begun last Tuesday night during my last Creative Spirit class with my sweet ladies.  Karen Smith and I began this subject together since she was painting one for her son who goes to Auburn.  I finished mine today, and I'm really pleased with it--more-so than I thought I would be. Your thoughts?  It will be available Oct. 23 in Birmingham at the show!
Acrylic on Canvas, 18x18


Auburn Sneak Peek

With the show less than 2 weeks away, I am painting like crazy!  Especially my oil paintings.  I'll kick into gear with acrylics and, possibly encaustics, this week since my oil paintings require some time to dry.  Tell me what you think of these!

Tyger Trottin'  Oil on Canvas, 20x24

The Flush, Oil on Canvas, 20x16 SOLD

If you haven't already picked up your October issue of Southern Living, then do! There is a feature on Carole Foret in the People and Places section. 

I am honored to have been chosen to be a part of such a well-respected and loved magazine.  I am truly blessed!


Auburn Show!

Oil on Canvas, 18x24

A great scene for an Auburn fan--the glory of winning!  If you are interested in this painting, it will be on view at the Commissary Design Warehouse Art Gallery for our show October 23rd Auburn show.  Be there if you wish to own it!  Seems like my twin sister had her thoughts on Brandon Cox too.  Hop over to her blog to see hers!  We will be showing all of our latest Auburn pieces there and taking orders for limited edition giclee prints too.  So plan to come if you love Auburn like we do.  War Eagle!

House Portait Done!

This is a home in Hampton Cove in Huntsville, Alabama--isn't it beautiful!??  I finally finished this and wanted to share it with you all.  Once it is varnished I will let the clients get it.  Give me your thoughts?

Oil on Canvas, 24x30


"Pincher" is going to be debuted at our Twins & Friends Art Show Thursday night!  I just finished it tonight.  So many people have loved and wished for my last crab painting I did some years ago. This one is even bigger!  It is full of color and lots of scumbling.

Acrylic on Canvas, 30x40, $1995 - SOLD


Blue Belle

Blue is another in my series of my love for cows. Plain and simple. Driving home from the beach today--the entire length of beautiful Alabama, I saw many beautiful pastures with grazing cows. They fascinate me.

Blue Belle's Stats:
Oil on Cradled Board, 8x8, $250 plus $10 shipping SOLD


Encaustic - Red & White

Ta da! I received my paintings on Tuesday from my workshop in Carmel, and I've been so excited about it. I am really proud of some of them since abstract subjects have never come easy to me. But with the encaustic technique of paintng quickly and fusing each layer with a blow torch, abstracts were pretty fun and easy to try. It takes a little bit of going with the flow as you learn to use the torch as a tool or paint brush. So much fun! So this one was one I worked really hard to get smooth and a pure white. That wasn't easy, as I realized that "dinking up" your colors is very easy to do and something I try to avoid in my usual painting. So keeping a pure white was a challenge. So tell me what you think! I plan to show them all in July at my "Twins & Friends Show"--so stay tuned for all the details and plan to come!


I'm Back!

California was beyond amazing--I learned encaustic painting from William Harsh, and the bug has bitten me.  I am setting up my encaustic studio and will be learning more and producing some NEW work!  Check back for some examples as I hope to receive my paintings that I did in Carmel today.

Also, see that I've got a new look with my site and blogs--I hope that you find all that you are looking for.  Just email with any questions.

Today's thought:
May He strengthen in you the inner self through His Spirit, according to the riches of His glory; may Christ dwell in your hearts through faith; may you be rooted and founded in love. Ephesians 3:16,17


Headin' Out!

I'm leaving tomorrow for what is going to be a dream come true! I've had the dream of going to take a fabulous workshop from another artist somewhere else in the U.S., but I've never found the right artist or workshop. But a few weeks ago, I was flipping through a magazine and found Artista Creative workshops in Carmel, California. "Perfect!" I thought. So the stars aligned, no kidding, and my twin sister Claire and I are going tomorrow on Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!) to beautiful Carmel to begin our week of relaxing, artistic luxury! I will let you know how it goes. I plan to be away from technology as much as I can be--phones, email, laptop....I'll see you when I get back next week. Please pray for us to have a safe and enlightening trip. I plan to bring back all that I learn to share in my future workshops! Can't wait....

If you're wanting to visit the gallery in Athens, feel free! Leslie will still be there Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm.

Welcome me back by enrolling in one of my workshops or Wine & Paint Nights coming up! They are going to be fabulous, and I'll be sharing my experience in Carmel too! Read more on my site...


Bee-autiful Day!

Oh my.  It couldn't have been nicer outside today.  While I took my puppy out to do his business this morning, I noticed an area of our backyard that seemed suddenly so inviting.  It's the entrance to the backyard that we rarely use with steps coming down from the porch.  To my surprise our oak tree has grown enough to give some pleasant shade and the breeze was just right that I decided to take my easel outside with my lunch and have a cool "artist's date" right at home.  Since I've been babysitting Gus, our new boxer puppy, this seemed like the perfect thing since I've been attending to him like a newborn baby so that he'll potty-train as soon as possible.  Besides, Gus really likes being outside.  Something cute and funny--the breeze was blowing my sundress, and Gus was following the hem of it with his eyes, then jumped up and chomped down on my dress and hit the ground with it.  He is really much like a pirana right now. Ouch!....Ok, I "lied" in the painting--there really aren't pretty pink flowers in the pot.  But thank goodness for being able to use my artist's license!  The painting is in Oil on cradled board, 6x6.  Not selling this right now. But let me know what you think of it! Below was my set-up...


Paintings for Charity!

These paintings of Big Al and Aubie one are going to be sold to raise funds for my friend Kevin Derryberry's ministry. He held a golf tournament last month, which Leslie and I shot photos for, and I also told him that I would sell these to raise money for his ministry. So, grab one of them for yourself--the money is going to a great cause! And check out Kevin's site and read about all the great things he does through his musical talents. He is amazing....This is one way I could help. I hope you enjoy these paintings! (Let me say that the photos of these paintings are not as vibrant as the pieces are in person. If you would like to see them, they are in the window in my gallery!)

So, before anyone freaks out that I've gone crazy, I haven't! I'm still a die-hard Auburn fan, BUT, I am going to start painting other college paintings too. So, why not start with the beloved Big Al from the University of Alabama? I did always like Big Al driving his little car when I was a young girl before I decided to go to the other school.

Big Al, Acrylic on Cradled Board, 6x6 $100 plus $10 shipping

And then there's my favorite and most beloved Aubie! I love this guy--he is the best mascot in the nation! I'm not kidding--he really has won awards for being the best, but just ask the kids who love watching his fun antics during the football games. Me for one, well, I love wathching Aubie. War Eagle!!

Aubie, Acrylic on Cradled Board, 6x6 $100 plus $10 shipping


Aubie SOLD

Granny in Blue Bowl

Painted on my back porch in the spring air, this granny smith apple called my name to paint--rich green and shiny skin. It made it even better that is was sitting in one of my favorite bowls made by an awesome potter and friend of mine, Conrad Lippert.
You can see this one in person at my gallery in downtown Athens!
Oil on Cradled Board, 6x6, $95 plus $5 shipping SOLD


I got to paint alot yesterday--yay!  A large one I finished is going to the Commissary in Birmingham AL.  But the other thing I've been working on are some charcoal drawings for my Dad's latest book.  This is the last one, and it's off to the publisher.

My Dad approving it...the messy desk of an author :)

I love chair paintings so much--my sister Claire does some great ones!  I added a purse to this one, making it a little more colorful.
Oil on Canvas, 10x8, $295 plus $8 shipping SOLD


This small board was a great shape to paint one of my favorite subjects--a Tabasco bottle.  Unlike most of my others, this one isn't as crooked, but very textural with lots of golden-greenish color in the background.  It would make a perfect piece of art for any Cajun's kitchen!  Or anyone who loves Tabasco like I do! 

on Board (ready to hang), 9.75 x 3.75, $95 plus $5 shipping SOLD


A common subject for me--Gustav's most awesome creativity--the Eiffel Tower. It was so powerfully beautiful to me when I saw it many years ago--saw it, photographed it, went to the top of it and photographed Paris from there--really experienced the glory of it. Do you have a story from when you saw it?

I began this painting as a demo for an interview that a young girl was doing about me for her class. She had chosen me as a hero--imagine that! ha! I painted this while she filmed, didn't finish it, and finally finished it last week.

Acrylic on Canvas, 30x10, SOLD


Workshop Schedule!

Notice all of my offerings for workshops from now through September. One of the most popular and rewarding workshops I offer is the Creative Spirit class. This class approaches our creativity in painting from the very source of our desire to paint--our great Creator God.It has just been announced for August 12 - September 30. This is the fastest-filling workshop I have ever offered. So, if you're interested sign-up soon. I would love to have you!


Bottle Parade

This painting is a study I did of glass with a line-up of some of my favorite bottles. My husband had enjoyed the beer in the green beer bottle the night before, and I told him, "I'm going to paint that tomorrow!" So, I did--plus a bunch of other bottles. I love the colors in this. The labels were fun too. My class was inspired and decided to paint this too earlier this week.

Acrylic on Canvas, 10x20, $325 plus $8 shipping SOLD

Wine & Olives

This past week in my Creative Spirit class, we painted still lifes with bottles of all kinds. I added some olives and salt & pepper to the collection of glass (our study) and made this subject--one of my favorites. Look for another painting coming of bottles--the girls enjoyed painting them and did a fantastic job on their paintings. Forgive me for not posting so often, I am teaching alot and also working on some commissions that really need to be done. I'll post those when I finish them!

Oil on Canvas, 18x18, $400 plus $10 shipping SOLD


New paintings!

I have about 3 new paintings to post, but have had no time to do so. Things are busy for me right now teaching alot and planning workshops. I'll have some fun news and new paintings to post soon! Sorry to keep you waiting though...Keep checking back!



Today's painting is one that I demonstrated for my Creative Spirit class--I love these women who have been studying with me since the end of January about spirituality and creativity. We have all learned so much! We have bonded in such beautiful ways too--if only you could hear the beautiful things that God is doing through these girls! Awesome!

Coffee still lifes are pretty common for me to paint, and Sabrina in the class began one, and I couldn't resist painting along with her. Hers turned out beautifully AS DID ALL OF THE GIRLS' PAINTINGS TODAY. Yes, I'm stressing that point.

Acrylic on Canvas, 11x14, $395 plus $10 shipping SOLD


Takin' a Break!

I'm headed out of town to Valdosta, Georgia with my band, Sister Grace for the next couple of days.  We are having a concert, sharing our music ministry Tuesday night.  Please pray for us, if you will, that we will glorify God through our music...After that, I will be meeting my family for a much-needed vacation at the beach.  Have a blessed Holy Week, and I'll return by Easter Sunday and begin a new week that Monday. I'll leave you with links to Sister Grace's site and music.


Handmade in Mexico

My cowgirl boots that my husband gave me for Christmas about 5 years ago. They have made such a good painting subject. This painting is reserved for a friend who helps my band out in so many ways and never wants any compensation for his work. He is a true angel. Finished it today! Pleaes contact us if you are interested in a giclee on canvas of this one or any of the paintings on my site or blog!

12 x 12, Acrylic On Canvas, SOLD



Sorry I haven't posted in a few days--I have been teaching workshops like crazy and having a blast! Check out my Artful Living blog for the fun pics and posts. This painting is of a still life I set up for one of my workshops--my students painted this larger after I did this small oil piece. It portrays my idea of a nice Friday evening!

Oil on board, 8x8, $200 plus $7 shipping SOLD


Sorry no new posts!

I've been doing 2 things: helping my daughter through her tonsillectomy recovery and painting a large painting commission that I finished yesterday.  I need to photograph it and post it here.  I'll try to get that done today!  The small ones will return soon!  Thank you for checking back--can't wait to paint some new stuff!


Beach Study

In working on this really large painting for a client, I had run into an issue of working with the photos they gave me of each of the family members. Each is looking toward the camera, and I found it hard to not make the painting like a portrait. So, after looking at several photos of them, I came up with this idea that I really had envisioned for the painting--each of them doing something on the beach with a dramatic sky and other elements from photos they gave me--the island in the distance, a boat, etc. I'm pleased with this idea for them and am waiting to hear if they will go for this. The only thing I plan to do different from this study is to make the figures a bit larger, which will mean bringing the view in closer, eliminating a bit of the sandy area.

Oil on panel, 12x16, $450 plus $10 shipping SOLD



Are good things every born out of anger and frustration? This was my painting from yesterday, a vase of flowers. You know there is something wrong when Carole paints flowers. People who know me know that I don't typically paint them. It's just that I received some pretty pink roses for Valentine's Day last week, and putting 3 of them in a simple vase inspired me to paint them. It was an okay painting, but in trying to "perfect" it today, I got angry and just did the scribble thing, ruining it. Anyone ever done that? I bet I'm the only one...Well, as I did that, I began doing a practice run of a beach scene that I am actually working on right now as a 3ft. x 4ft. painting for a client. I want my large one to be more like this. This painting, "Dusk" as I've named it, has turned into a study for my commissioned one. So good things can result from frustration. Or maybe it's perseverance?
What I love about this is the sky--it's that time of day on the shore where the clouds are glorious, but people aren't quite discernable as the daylight turns to evening. This is one of my favorite hours when I'm at the beach. This painting is very textural, painted in oil on canvas. Ahhh. Oil.

Can anyone tell I've been home caring for my baby who had a tonsillectomy this week? Forgive any negative vibes that you felt reading this...Blessings!

Oil on Canvas, 12x9, $295 plus $10 shipping


No. 5!

Fresh off my easel today is "No. 5!" It looks as though it is fresh out of its box too-how thrilling for those of us Chanel No. 5 lovers! Similar to one I painted last year, this one is richer in color--I used some rich oils on this. This painting is on a really nicely finished cradled board with finished black-washed sides. It is ready to hang too!

Oil on Cradled Wood, 12x12, $325 plus $12 shipping SOLD


Been Busy!

The past several days I've been working on commissions, as these clients have been waiting a year or more now. But for now, enjoy this paintng OF me that my sister Claire painted from a shopping experience that we had in Seaside, Florida 2 weekends ago during our Rosemary Beach Getaway. It can be purchased on her blog!



The number one college mascot in the U.S. featured here. Auburn's own Aubie! I found a photo of him in his traditional #1 jersey running with the orange flag before the game as someone else (probably a male cheerleader) is running with the blue flag--and Nova has probably made his pre-game flight too! Traditions are what Auburn is all about...love it!

Oil on Panel, 8x8, $200 plus $8 shipping SOLD