Auburn Show!

Oil on Canvas, 18x24

A great scene for an Auburn fan--the glory of winning!  If you are interested in this painting, it will be on view at the Commissary Design Warehouse Art Gallery for our show October 23rd Auburn show.  Be there if you wish to own it!  Seems like my twin sister had her thoughts on Brandon Cox too.  Hop over to her blog to see hers!  We will be showing all of our latest Auburn pieces there and taking orders for limited edition giclee prints too.  So plan to come if you love Auburn like we do.  War Eagle!


ckayser said...

Getting so excited about our AU show!!!

Working on the coolest cat on the planet as we speak! (Aubie!)

Carole Foret said...

Thank you, Sis--your paintings are really inspiring my excitement more and more. I love them!