My latest encaustic pieces that I showed in Huntsville last week. Only ones left are "America" and "Drop of Sun." Let me know if you 're interested in these. "Lobster," "Blue Crab," and "Prawn" are sold. Thank you to my amazing clients!


Hello Dolly! This is Louis, Dolly!

Another in my ongoing series of singers / musicians--it's the Great Satchmo!  With my Louisiana roots and love of New Orleans, it is very fitting that I would love the sounds of Louis Armstrong.  Just playing jazz while working on this piece fueled my inspiration and got my brushes going!  Anytime you see images of Louis, he usually has his handkerchief with him to wipe his brow.  Would have loved seeing him in person!  My Dad got to a few times while in college--before Louis was very popular.  Dad says it was amazing to watch him!

Oil on Canvas, 16x20, $2500 plus $25 shipping. Call the studio: 256-232-2521 for purchase.


Alabama Campus

This is a painting that I worked on for weeks and weeks.  It was like 8 paintings in one.  But more than anything, it was a challenge to actually put my heart into something my heart is opposed to!  I am an Auburn graduate commissioned to paint much of the University of Alabama campus!  How in the world could I do such a thing??  Money!  And this was done for one of my best clients ever.  This painting adds to her collection as probably the 11th or 12th painting she owns by me.  So, yes, I could find it in my heart to do this for her--especially since her husband actually commissioned it for her 50th birthday.  Sweet, huh?  The buildings in the painting are all buildings that she visited most while she was in college there.  Very special.

The day I finished it, I was studying it as I do all my paintings once I believe I have finished them.  I was sipping coffee out of my favorite mug. ;)  I love irony....Thanks to my wonderful clients!