Louisiana Trip Inspiration

Mudbug Boil

Couldn't wait any longer to use that so inspiring lovely RED that I kept seeing in some of the items in Louisiana depicting crawfish. That spicy, orangy, brownish, but Cad Light red that I love so much and sign my paintings with. Uh!! Just gets to me. I pulled out a couple of canvases last week and worked on one of my favorite subjects--crawfish! This one is texture-y on the shells--building up the red!

Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8, $295 plus shipping SOLD

Hot Daddies

Another one inspired from my trip--it's entitled "Hot Daddies" and is also a small one. Would make a fantastic Christmas gift!

Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8, $295 plus shipping SOLD


Tuscan Landscape

Finally, I have finished a piece from my recent travels to Italy. Tonight is my next Paint Night of a Tuscan Landscape at the Ledges in Huntsville, Alabama, and this is what we will be painting.  It will be about Tuscan rooftops in a beautiful landscape.  I am taking this piece with me to have on display to help the students.  The photo that this was painted from was taken from a high perspective in Cortona, Italy right at the wall that surrounds the hill town.  Every view down is sweeping and breathtaking.  I hope you like this piece-full of layered color and rich textures!

Acrylic on Canvas, 10x10, $475 plus $10 shipping SOLD


My latest encaustic pieces that I showed in Huntsville last week. Only ones left are "America" and "Drop of Sun." Let me know if you 're interested in these. "Lobster," "Blue Crab," and "Prawn" are sold. Thank you to my amazing clients!


Hello Dolly! This is Louis, Dolly!

Another in my ongoing series of singers / musicians--it's the Great Satchmo!  With my Louisiana roots and love of New Orleans, it is very fitting that I would love the sounds of Louis Armstrong.  Just playing jazz while working on this piece fueled my inspiration and got my brushes going!  Anytime you see images of Louis, he usually has his handkerchief with him to wipe his brow.  Would have loved seeing him in person!  My Dad got to a few times while in college--before Louis was very popular.  Dad says it was amazing to watch him!

Oil on Canvas, 16x20, $2500 plus $25 shipping. Call the studio: 256-232-2521 for purchase.


Alabama Campus

This is a painting that I worked on for weeks and weeks.  It was like 8 paintings in one.  But more than anything, it was a challenge to actually put my heart into something my heart is opposed to!  I am an Auburn graduate commissioned to paint much of the University of Alabama campus!  How in the world could I do such a thing??  Money!  And this was done for one of my best clients ever.  This painting adds to her collection as probably the 11th or 12th painting she owns by me.  So, yes, I could find it in my heart to do this for her--especially since her husband actually commissioned it for her 50th birthday.  Sweet, huh?  The buildings in the painting are all buildings that she visited most while she was in college there.  Very special.

The day I finished it, I was studying it as I do all my paintings once I believe I have finished them.  I was sipping coffee out of my favorite mug. ;)  I love irony....Thanks to my wonderful clients!


Encaustic Love!!

Today, I began a couple of pieces that are to go with a crab I did a while back. The crab sold to a client who also wanted a shrimp and a lobster to go with it to hang at her beach house. I had a ball firing them up and getting them done today. I utilized with the beeswax some pigment sticks I bought a while back and had never used. So much fun! Here are the 3 pieces together.


Working away in the studio...



Only those who know breeds of crabs will understand the title of this painting!  I began painting crabs several years ago, and they are always so much fun with great opportunities for color and portrayal of wetness. Personality can evolve as well once eyes are added.  Several layers of paint created lots of scumbling effects throughout this piece, especially in the neutral areas--there are lots of colors that come through.

Acrylic on Canvas with Gloss Varnish, 18x18, $395 plus $20 shipping.


Large Pair

"Large Pair" was finished quite some time ago, and it's been hanging high in my gallery with lots of adoring patrons commenting on it. Today, while my ladder was handy, I took it down to finally add to my blog. Now it's available to all of you! This piece would make a great piece of art in a focal point of a room--above a sofa or mantle. It is a big piece! One of my favorite subjects--pears against a rich red background with satin gloss varnish finishing it. I used to paint these alot years ago on smaller canvases. This was fun to do it oversized.

Acrylic on Canvas, 40x30, For sale at Sunshine Village Gallery in Watkinsville GA SOLD



Carnivale de Parisian!

Inspiration pops out in strange ways, and this inspiration is all about the carnival at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in wonderful Paris. I remember the hours, the minutes and cling to the moment, maybe forever. Enjoy. Would adorn any room as a central piece with the size of this one!

Acrylic on Canvas, 36x60



Today I painted sunflowers!  I have a Funky Flower Paint Night coming up and wanted to let people know the flavor in which we'll be painting--very Van Gogh-ish.  Fun colors and lots of luscious texture!  This piece looks like it was done in oil, but it is done in acrylic.  Make it yours and come paint one with me on September 8th.  I have only 5 spots left! Contact me to claim your spot!

Acrylic on Canvas, 16x12, $350 SOLD


Deal of the Day!

I began this small piece at the "Bottle & Brush" event that I taught at the Ledges in Huntsville a few weeks ago.  I added the corkscrew to it and another bottle and glass.  Now, I like it, and you can add to YOUR bar or kitchen.  Small enough to go anywhere.
Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8, $125  (shipping determined according to shipping location) SOLD


Elegant Cowgirl

Today I am posting a piece that I've had in the gallery for quite a while, "Elegant Cowgirl".  It's garnered lots of interest, and I realized I had never put it on my Painting Blog or site.  This is a large piece that would make a fun focal point to any room, but especially a bedroom.  FYI, these were things right out of my own closet. ;)  But I think there's an elegant cowgirl in most any woman.
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x24, $600 plus $40 shipping SOLD


Colorful Fish

This colorful piece was begun in my art camp I held last week.  At the end of camp, it wasn't finished, and I didn't really plan to finish it until my daughter said, "Mom, don't you dare paint over that.  You put it in the gallery and it will sell!"  So, I did as I was told, finished it, adding the little worried worm, and put it in the window a couple of days ago, and it sold today.  Thank you, Sarah for such great advice!  It even led to the sale of definitely one more painting, but possible 3 more!  So, I am glad I heeded her advice. :)  The client loved the texture and layered effects as well as the vibrant color.

Acrylic on Canvas, 10x20, $300 SOLD


Aubie #5

Fresh off my easel today is my Aubie #5.  He is painted on an 18x18 size canvas!
Express your Auburn spirit by hanging this Aubie on YOUR wall!
War Eagle!
Acrylic on Canvas, 18x18, $500 plus $20 shipping SOLD



Today, I was finally able to finish my diptych of the America flag that I've been working on for a while now in encaustic.  I had run out of gas in my propane torch and ran by Lowe's earlier and was able to fuse the last layer of the painting.  It is sealed and ready to sell!  I envision this being hung as one piece with each piece held together by 2 hooks and rings.  My husband will have to do that for me or my local frame shop if Todd can't get to it as soon as I need it.  This piece was inspired by Jasper Johns' flag that he did many years ago.  I love alot of his encaustic pieces!
Total size: 20"x 30" on 2.5" cradled Clayboard, $1100 plus shipping.  (shipping determined according to shipping location)

Detail Shots:

Close up of rich texture!

Detail showing the space between the 2 pieces

Billie Holiday Now Available For Purchase!

full 48x24

Got Black History Month on my mind here in my studio! Last week I painted B. B. King, and this week? Billie Holiday! I'm posting it FRESH off my easel without really studying it much. I may make some changes since viewing the photos, it now seems a bit cartoon-y, which means "tight." So, let me know what you think!

Acrylic on Canvas, 48x24, $2400 plus shipping (shipping determined according to shipping location)

Call the studio: 256-232-2521 for purchase.


The Maine Thing

Today's painting began early this morning on my porch, and I just had the inspiration to get one done as it is June, and I really want to start painting as many mornings as possible.  And sitting on my cart was a great photo of this blue crab, so there I went. I've painted many crabs, but not one this small, but people tend to love them because they go well at beach homes and small special areas of any home.  This small piece is full of texture and rich color.  Let me know what you think!

Oil on 6x6 Cradled 3/4" Board, $95 plus ~10 shipping SOLD


A Little Cab and Stilton?

It's the weekend!  I'm sharing this one that I finalized work on, but started several months ago--this large piece.  It would be great in a dining room, living room or even kitchen if you have that much wall space!

Acrylic on Canvas, 36x24, $995 plus ~ $40 shipping  SOLD


Encaustic Sundrop!

This is a favorite soda of those living in my neck of the woods.  Sundrop citrus cola.  I had to try one in encaustic since I paint so many of these in oil or acrylic.  I just sent one to Hawaii!  This one is a large piece with lots of texture.

Notice the layers of color and texture in this!  Blues beneath the awesome combinations of vibrant reds.  I love the layering capabilities of working in beeswax.

And here is one last detail of the cool pinhole texture and the signature in the bottom left corner.

Encaustic on Cradled Clayboard, 30x10, $600, plus ~$30 shipping (Inquire please)

Encaustics! Beeswax!

This painting was actually done a while back, but I just had not gotten it up on my blog yet.  Now that I have more encaustic pieces, I'm ready to start selling and promoting them.  They're so much fun to do--very unusual process, and they really make me step out of my box and be ultra creative!  As you can see the process of using a torch to fuse each layer also allows for times of complete melting of the beeswax/pigment, creating an abstract. 
This one is called "Green Day."
Detail of right bottom corner with signature.
Let me know what you think of this.  The colors are some of my personal favorites!
Encaustic, $500, plus $25 shipping (Inquire)


Tabasco 23

Another one!  A subject I'm known for painting.  This is #23. I strived for a cool/warm green tone background with the warm red of the Tabasco.  This is a fun sized canvas at 24x8 full of wonderful texture applied with a knife.  It will gladly squeeze into a crevice in your kitchen. ;)

Acrylic on Canvas, $295 (shipping determined according to shipping location)

Food & Drink Paintings!

Finished this fun Sundrop today--got the glossy finish on it, and it's ready to go!  Makes a great gift for that Sundrop lover.  Don't know what Sundrop is?  It is a regionally made and sold soda in certain areas of Tennessee and Alabama.  People love it!  It is similar to Mello Yellow. ;)

Acrylic on Canvas, 18x6, $125 SOLD


Art With a Twist at Huntsville Museum of Art

Recently I had the pleasure of holding a wine and painting event at the Hunstsville Museum of Art.  They call their's Art With a Twist.  There were probably about 25 people--all gals and one lucky guy.  :) We had such a great time!  This is my demo I did for them to mimic.  Just like most of my paintings, it is a dancing subject: a martini with mammoth size olives.

Update: I reworked some of this painting and like it much better!  Hope you do too!

16x12, Acrylic on Canvas $95 plus $10 shipping


The Jesus Series Has Begun!

For some time I have been wanting to take several sessions to begin a series on Jesus.  I finally began a couple of weeks ago, and it felt so amazing to watch Jesus' face gradually appear on the canvas.  I don't know if it's because we're in the Season of Lent right now, and I personally crave Him during this time, anticipating His Passion and walk to the cross.

I will be creating a ministry from my paintings, and I'll post them here.  I'll give further details about this ministry as they become more clear to me.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this first one.

Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20



Wow, I have just finished drawings for my father's (Bill Hunt )new book that is due out in about 3 months!  I'm so excited about this book.  I've read alot of it, and think it is going to hit the shelves and fly right off!  It is a "sweet romance" genre book, and is called "A Full Grown Man."  There will be 14 illustrations to accompany the book, and they are mostly charcoal drawings, and some paintings of mine and my sister Claire Kayer's that are desaturated into black and white.  Be on the look out for Bill Hunt's latest book!