Encaustics! Beeswax!

This painting was actually done a while back, but I just had not gotten it up on my blog yet.  Now that I have more encaustic pieces, I'm ready to start selling and promoting them.  They're so much fun to do--very unusual process, and they really make me step out of my box and be ultra creative!  As you can see the process of using a torch to fuse each layer also allows for times of complete melting of the beeswax/pigment, creating an abstract. 
This one is called "Green Day."
Detail of right bottom corner with signature.
Let me know what you think of this.  The colors are some of my personal favorites!
Encaustic, $500, plus $25 shipping (Inquire)


Anonymous said...

thumbs up. dave

Jay said...

I love that! I'm drawn to color and that is wonderful!

Carole Foret said...

Thank you, Jay! I love this medium and the way that it calls me out of my comfort zone with abstract ideas. It's sort of a surrendering. Thrilling. :)