Rosemary Starbucks!

The beautiful sight when you get into Rosemary Beach--a Starbucks in the architecture of what you see in Rosemary. From a photo I shot when I was there last year for our painting workshop and Girls Getaway Weekend.

Oil on Panel, 8x8, $200 SOLD

Rocco and Me!

This may be my last memorial painting--it is from a photo I shot with a little camera of him and me a few weeks ago. I'm glad I shot it. It really shows his disdain in getting his picture taken and my love for him. He is trusting me in this shot. Funny, huh? Thank you for your patience in my painting and posting so that I could "grieve" by painting Rocco. Look for a couple of new ones I've just finished to take to Rosemary Beach. Blessings! NFS


Carole is now available for Girlfriend Paint Parties! Do you have a group of gals who would like to have Carole come and teach painting to your group? Carole is the one! She is taking it on the road like crazy--between her Destination Workshops and her local Girlfriend Paint Parties. Email or call for more information! Download the PDF for a printable flyer...

To kick off this idea, be the first gal-group to respond to this post and receive the party for $75 per person. Hurry!


Giclees Now Available!

This is the Methodist Church in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. Some of you have requested giclee prints (canvas reproductions) of this piece. So just let me know--it is available now in sizes 20 x 10 for $295.


Wanna a Treat?

Another "memorial" painting of my dog Rocco from a photo I shot not long ago.  Knowing that he hated the camera, I had a treat in one hand and my camera in the other asking if he wanted a treat as I tried to get a fun close-up of him.  This was his infamous look with his ears pulled way back--his sweet look that was his way of asking, "Please?".  The perspective is sort of funky.  

Oil on panel 8x8


Ready to Go!

This is something I produced this morning as I looked at photos of Rocco, and I loved this one since it was shot in the back of my SUV. I love this look as he looks so happy in the back there getting to go for a ride--one of his favorite things to do. His ears are back as though to hope it's okay to go. Sometimes he would jump in when it wasn't okay to go too. :)

I primed my 6x6 clayboard with black acrylic paint and painted this of Rocco in oil. This will be part of my own collection. NFS


Wine & Paint--Join Me!

Join me for this fun night coming up for some sharing of creative love! Sip Sauvignon and paint with Carole or simply sit and watch. This is going to be fun! KEEP WATCH TO THIS POST AS IT WILL BE UPDATED AS TO HOW MANY SPOTS ARE LEFT.

Tuesday night, February 12
7pm - 9pm
At Carole's Studio downtown Athens

Pause in Painting

Forgive me for not painting as I've suffered the loss of my precious friend and dog, Rocco. He was put to rest after they discovered tumors that were causing him to lose some bodily functions. I was so caught off guard by this, and I'm left in tears. I miss him so much already--his presence in my house and greeting me when I come home for the past 6 1/2 years. Don't be surprised if you see a painting or two that I might share with you. I painted him a few times....He was a handsome boxer. I plan to be more myself in the coming days. Be blessed...


Tabasco #21

Yay! I'm painting again after having to work on bookwork last week, and then I went out of town for the weekend for an awesome spiritual retreat. Incredible time--praise God!

Tomorrow I have a special photo shoot happening with a magazine that plans to feature me, my work my studio in an article later this year--I'm so excited but want to keep it a secret as best as I can since things change in the media world so fast and unexpectedly. But I wanted to have in my gallery one of my signature Tabasco pieces, so I set out this morning fired up and ready to paint. It is larger than many that I've painted. It is wildly textural and very juicy, painted in oil...my beloved Tabasco.

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 30x10, $600
Available at The Commissary Design Warehouse, Birmingham, AL!


In my workshop I taught last night--my awesome students did a fabulous job with the still life I had set up (or thrown down on the floor). Oh man, you will have to see photos of their work. This is my painting, then, from yesterday that was my demo from the class. One thing different that I did for the first time was use Golden Acrylic paint. I've heard so much about how people love that brand, so I unveiled them last night for my students. I loved them! This morning, when I got back to the studio, I saw easily more why I liked them--because they render much like oils with some gloss to some of the colors. Really awesome. Try them if you haven't. The still life was a number of pairs of cool shoes and purses, and I painted a "section" of the still life.

Acrylic on Canvas, 18x18 $300 plus $20shipping


Shoreline Girls

Looking ahead to our Getaway Weekend at Rosemary Beach where my sister and I will teaching and showing our work, I decided to paint a beach scene with some fun-looking chics. I love the way that they look like they are about to fall down laughing--a scene like you would see with a bunch of women acting silly once they're all together. Oh! I've been there! Those times make fun memories! Our workshop is Feb. 1 in the beautiful Rosemary Beach, Florida near Seaside. Read more about it at our new site: caroleandclaire.com!

Oil on Canvas, 12x16, $500 plus $20 shipping SOLD


Your Cappuccinos!

Possibly one of my favorite sights, seeing a well-dressed waiter delivering my cappuccino! Continuing my series of cafe scenes--I loved this outdoor scene of this couple and had to paint it.

Coming this week, I'm going to be adding a section in my gallery in downtown Athens dedicated to only my daily paintings, so if you live nearby, come and see these in person. They always look better in real life. Plus! You get to visit my gallery! I would love to see you.

Oil on board, 6x6, $100 plus $10 shipping SOLD

Lunch Special

I love restaurant and cafe scenes--I've shot several random photos (but this one I got from the internet). I'll be working on some others for a series incorporating people in them. This one is in oil.

Oil on Canvas Panel, 10x8, $125 plus $15 shipping SOLD



Finished this one this morning, but started it 2 nights ago. I'll be in Rosemary Beach teaching in 3 weeks and had thoughts of the ocean, and remembered how much people have loved my first crab I ever did several years ago. This one is much smaller, but has a similar feel to the original one. It's fun adding unusual colors to a blue crab!

Acrylic on Canvas, 12x16 $250 plus $15 shipping (unless purchased in my gallery) SOLD



A rooster that I did since someone asked me about some I had painted a while back. This one is one I painted and finished yesterday--very colorful and robust.
Acrylic on Canvas, 12x12, $300 plus $25 shipping SOLD


Gumbo On the Way!

"Gumbo On the Way" was inspired from a photo I shot while making gumbo over the holidays. I shot lots of photos, and in fact, made a book from it and gave it as gifts to those special people in my life--my family and close friends. I love shooting everyday things and turning them into paintings that represent my life. This one represents a part of my Cajun heritage too. Hope you like!

It was painted mostly with a knife with a textured underpainting.

Acrylic on canvas board, 8x10 $100 plus $10 shipping SOLD