Angel of the Lord

Angels--my favorite topping of my tree. They come in many different forms--angels do. Protectors, guardians, informants of the greatest news ever--they are simply beautiful. I haven't painted one in a while, and it hit me tonight to create this one. She is obscure with touches of bronze in her wings. Rosy cheeks and lips. Let me know if you want her for your own. Aquire her at my gallery in Athens or online now through Paypal.

Acrylic on board, 6x6 $175 plus $10 shipping SOLD

Dancing Sun!

I painted this today--in hopes of creating an "impulsive" piece for someone to buy tomorrow or Monday when my gallery will be open as the countdown to Christmas shopping ends. It can be purchased for that special Sundrop drinker in your life. :) It is my umpteenth Sundrop to paint, but this is one of the only ones I can remember that I put a pink background in it. It's fun--painted with a knife in most areas. It will be varnished with a glossy finish--very juicy-looking. Hope you like it!

Acrylic on Canvas, 16x8 $200 plus $15 shipping (after Christmas delivery)SOLD


With New York City having a Starbucks on nearly every corner, we here in our little city of Athens are so excited to have our ONE Starbucks. And we're thankful to the man who has brought so many great businesses to Athens with his talent in selling commercial real estate. Thanks, Bill! So, this is our Starbucks in Athens, Alabama! Isn't it beautiful?? I mean the architecture....

Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 12 SOLD


Hot Stuff!

This must be Tabasco #gazillion that I've painted. I'm known for painting this "elixir" from my Cajun heritage in Louisiana. It is about 24 x 8 or so.

Acrylic on Canvas, $300 + $15 shipping SOLD


Birmingham Home

In keeping with my goals to finish 3 more paintings (since the beginning of November) for Christmas for those clients who have been waiting just over a year now, this is my second one to finish. Or so, I'm at that point where I'm going to consider it so. I've been looking at it for quite a while, studying it, etc. and today I finally put the last touches on it--mainly the shadowed area of the porch on the right. It is distorted, yes. That's my style in house portraits--they look happy and musical as though dancing. I hope my client likes it. This is a beautiful home in Birmingham, Alabama. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated!


First Methodist Church-Downtown Huntsville

This is another commissioned painting of the Methodist Church in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. Some of you have requested giclee prints (canvas reproductions) of this piece. So just let me know--it will be available in sizes 24 x 10 for $295. This original is 24 x 10 in acrylic on canvas.