First Methodist Church-Downtown Huntsville

This is another commissioned painting of the Methodist Church in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. Some of you have requested giclee prints (canvas reproductions) of this piece. So just let me know--it will be available in sizes 24 x 10 for $295. This original is 24 x 10 in acrylic on canvas.


Susan said...

I saw you at Under the Christmas tree. Your work is great! When might you have prints of this one? This one is sold, right?

Bonnie Hurst said...

I love this one! It is the church my grandparents attended. I enjoyed arthouse! Hope to come again when I can stay longer.
Merry Christmas!

Carole Foret said...

Susan, yes, this is a commission, but prints will be available.

Bonnie--thank you for your compliment. Glad you like it. Art House WAS fun--it was great seeing you and Michelle. Do come again when you can stay longer. Keep up your painting--it's really great!