Deal of the Day!

I began this small piece at the "Bottle & Brush" event that I taught at the Ledges in Huntsville a few weeks ago.  I added the corkscrew to it and another bottle and glass.  Now, I like it, and you can add to YOUR bar or kitchen.  Small enough to go anywhere.
Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8, $125  (shipping determined according to shipping location) SOLD


Elegant Cowgirl

Today I am posting a piece that I've had in the gallery for quite a while, "Elegant Cowgirl".  It's garnered lots of interest, and I realized I had never put it on my Painting Blog or site.  This is a large piece that would make a fun focal point to any room, but especially a bedroom.  FYI, these were things right out of my own closet. ;)  But I think there's an elegant cowgirl in most any woman.
Acrylic on Canvas, 30x24, $600 plus $40 shipping SOLD


Colorful Fish

This colorful piece was begun in my art camp I held last week.  At the end of camp, it wasn't finished, and I didn't really plan to finish it until my daughter said, "Mom, don't you dare paint over that.  You put it in the gallery and it will sell!"  So, I did as I was told, finished it, adding the little worried worm, and put it in the window a couple of days ago, and it sold today.  Thank you, Sarah for such great advice!  It even led to the sale of definitely one more painting, but possible 3 more!  So, I am glad I heeded her advice. :)  The client loved the texture and layered effects as well as the vibrant color.

Acrylic on Canvas, 10x20, $300 SOLD


Aubie #5

Fresh off my easel today is my Aubie #5.  He is painted on an 18x18 size canvas!
Express your Auburn spirit by hanging this Aubie on YOUR wall!
War Eagle!
Acrylic on Canvas, 18x18, $500 plus $20 shipping SOLD