Tabasco #21

Yay! I'm painting again after having to work on bookwork last week, and then I went out of town for the weekend for an awesome spiritual retreat. Incredible time--praise God!

Tomorrow I have a special photo shoot happening with a magazine that plans to feature me, my work my studio in an article later this year--I'm so excited but want to keep it a secret as best as I can since things change in the media world so fast and unexpectedly. But I wanted to have in my gallery one of my signature Tabasco pieces, so I set out this morning fired up and ready to paint. It is larger than many that I've painted. It is wildly textural and very juicy, painted in oil...my beloved Tabasco.

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 30x10, $600
Available at The Commissary Design Warehouse, Birmingham, AL!


ckayser said...

Just put tons of it on my gumbo!!!

The best!

Love this one alot!

Carole Foret said...

Thanks, Sis! mais, yeah on that gumbo!

Anonymous said...

Carol, this certainly is a subject you paint alot. They are really unique, and I love your cooky perspective on them.