Are good things every born out of anger and frustration? This was my painting from yesterday, a vase of flowers. You know there is something wrong when Carole paints flowers. People who know me know that I don't typically paint them. It's just that I received some pretty pink roses for Valentine's Day last week, and putting 3 of them in a simple vase inspired me to paint them. It was an okay painting, but in trying to "perfect" it today, I got angry and just did the scribble thing, ruining it. Anyone ever done that? I bet I'm the only one...Well, as I did that, I began doing a practice run of a beach scene that I am actually working on right now as a 3ft. x 4ft. painting for a client. I want my large one to be more like this. This painting, "Dusk" as I've named it, has turned into a study for my commissioned one. So good things can result from frustration. Or maybe it's perseverance?
What I love about this is the sky--it's that time of day on the shore where the clouds are glorious, but people aren't quite discernable as the daylight turns to evening. This is one of my favorite hours when I'm at the beach. This painting is very textural, painted in oil on canvas. Ahhh. Oil.

Can anyone tell I've been home caring for my baby who had a tonsillectomy this week? Forgive any negative vibes that you felt reading this...Blessings!

Oil on Canvas, 12x9, $295 plus $10 shipping


Leslie Willard said...

Oh Carole! I LOVE this one! I really hope this is the direction you end up taking your big one!

Carole Foret said...

Thank you Leslie! The big one doesn't look like this at all right now, but it will tomorrow. ;) That is the goal.

ckayser said...

Yes, anger can fuel the fire for something better sometimes! This is great, Sis! It's very different from what I've seen lately. Great color and textures...!