Today's painting is one that I demonstrated for my Creative Spirit class--I love these women who have been studying with me since the end of January about spirituality and creativity. We have all learned so much! We have bonded in such beautiful ways too--if only you could hear the beautiful things that God is doing through these girls! Awesome!

Coffee still lifes are pretty common for me to paint, and Sabrina in the class began one, and I couldn't resist painting along with her. Hers turned out beautifully AS DID ALL OF THE GIRLS' PAINTINGS TODAY. Yes, I'm stressing that point.

Acrylic on Canvas, 11x14, $395 plus $10 shipping SOLD


john said...

I love the rich greens and reds in this, Carole. Your handling of the coffee back is wonderful too. Very nice work.


Carole Foret said...

Thank you, John--reds and greens go great together--one of my favorite color combinations. Thank you for commenting!