Takin' a Break!

I'm headed out of town to Valdosta, Georgia with my band, Sister Grace for the next couple of days.  We are having a concert, sharing our music ministry Tuesday night.  Please pray for us, if you will, that we will glorify God through our music...After that, I will be meeting my family for a much-needed vacation at the beach.  Have a blessed Holy Week, and I'll return by Easter Sunday and begin a new week that Monday. I'll leave you with links to Sister Grace's site and music.


Julia Adams said...

I was visiting with Claire today and picked up your "Sister Grace" cd. I have been listening to it all afternoon. IT'S WONDERFUL! You guys (gals) are amazingly talented. Thanks for the inspiration today.

Carole Foret said...

Oh, Julia! I'm so glad you like it--thank you so much. I'm sure we sound much better on the CD than acapella at the beach at midnight. haha!

Hope you are wonderful!