Sorry I haven't posted in a few days--I have been teaching workshops like crazy and having a blast! Check out my Artful Living blog for the fun pics and posts. This painting is of a still life I set up for one of my workshops--my students painted this larger after I did this small oil piece. It portrays my idea of a nice Friday evening!

Oil on board, 8x8, $200 plus $7 shipping SOLD


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this one! And it does look like a nice way to spend a Friday evening!

Carole Foret said...

Oh thank you! But I actually spent my evening at our awesome Women's Retreat where my band will play tomorrow too. Maybe next Friday night ! :)

Steph said...


I'm just testing this out. You can delete.


ckayser said...

Sis, I love this! Nice and loose - well composed.

Rock on!