Passion & Glory! Mark Ingram

Celebrating the National Championship with lots of folks in my sweet home of Alabama, I painted this awesome image of Mark Ingram after the Crimson Tide defeated Texas in the BCS Championship game January 7th. When I am moved by greatness as this young man has displayed this year, winning the Heisman and leading his team to win the championship, I head to my canvas with lots of adrenaline flowing along with the paint. I finished this large painting just as the team was landing back onto Alabama soil from California, landing as champions. "Sweet Home Alabama" even played loudly as I painted. Pride for this young man overwhelmed me.

48"x 36" Canvas, Oil Paint & Oil Stick over Acrylic base. SOLD


jschuster said...

Carole, first of all-this is spectacular! You really captured the spirit and emotion of that moment. I am glad to be the first to bid. How about if we use a username? And reveal full contact info later? That has worked on another auction I was involved with...just let me know.

Bid: $2000


Carole Foret said...

jschuster, thank you for your kind words! And for the first bid too!

Absolutely, that is a great idea to have usernames vs full name-either way will be fine. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i told you to stop spamming whnts chat room.. stop trying to capitalize on marks likeness . i hope you are sending him the check

local educator said...

The painting is AWESOME!, especially coming from an Auburn fan! What a great way to honor a tremendous athlete for his accomplishments during this season of CHAMPIONS. Your work continues to inspire my inner artist. To Anonymous: You obviously don't have a clue about inspiration. Keep your negativity to yourself.

Carole Foret said...

local educator: thank you so much for your compliment! It's amazing what comes of great inspiration from a true champion!

Claudia Lawrence said...
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