Cafe Conversation

Ready to ship! Finished this a few weeks ago and it's now dry. One of my favorite themes of coffee and conversation--one of my favorite things to do too! Having just returned from Italy and doing lots of this watching people go by on Via Nazionale in Cortona, this one is very special to me!

Oil on Clayboard panel, 12x16, $295 plus $15 shipping.



I am embracing painting flowers!  I'm erasing from my memory all the old stodgy still lifes I studied in 3 semesters of Art History that had dark, boring floral themes that have kept me so against painting flowers.  Just ask my students who know me. ;)  I'm deriving my own now! This one evolved from a demo I started in my Color Cafe class this week.  The rich, oil impasto of the foreground flower was fun to do against the blended, blurred smoother background flowers.

Oil on Canvas, 12x16, SOLD


From my Inspirational Paint Night, this was a message that I came up with to paint, "Surrender."  It's a message that I have been hearing for some time to yield to God's leading.  I can say that the times that I have truly done that, my life has been beyond thrilling!  I smile more because I'm amazed at His guidance and love shown through the doors He opens.  So, surrender!

10x20 Acrylic on Canvas, $125 plus tax and shipping