Monkey Love For Sale

16x20 acrylic on canvas

$400 plus shipping SOLD

This monkey painting was begun several weeks ago in a workshop I was teaching. It began as my demonstration and is now finished. Several folks have seen it and loved it in my gallery, but now I'm offering to you online for a great price! More paintings to come, but I will also be showing you progress on my commissioned pieces that need to get done. Happy looking!


House Portrait

From now until the end of the year, I will be working hard to finish commissioned paintings that have been commissioned for about a year now. Each commissioned painting I do is painted in the order in which they are commissioned. And usually when a person comes to me with a new order, there are 10 on my list ahead of their's. So, it doesn't actually take a year for me to paint one--it takes a year sometimes due to my workload as well as trying to balance work and family, etc. I always appreciate the patience of my clients!

This is the first stage of a painting of a home I am painting on Smith Lake in Alabama. It is a beautiful home that sits on a small bluff. Below you can see how pretty the water is--very close to what I remember the Atlantic looking like when I was on my honeymoon in the Virgin Islands! Isn't it remarkable? I'll post more pics of my work as I get more done!


Emmaus Walk & Talk

Sweet 'Mrs. Margaret' (in her 80s) commissioned this painting to donate to her church in honor of her parents. She came to pick it up yesterday, and we had such a wonderful visit together too. This painting will hang in the Presbyterian Church (Athens, AL) parlor. It is a 40 x 30 canvas....The scene depicts Jesus with the 2 on the walk to Emmaus (Scripture: Luke 24:13...). What are your thoughts? Giclee prints of this will be available--contact me if interested in one!