House Portrait

From now until the end of the year, I will be working hard to finish commissioned paintings that have been commissioned for about a year now. Each commissioned painting I do is painted in the order in which they are commissioned. And usually when a person comes to me with a new order, there are 10 on my list ahead of their's. So, it doesn't actually take a year for me to paint one--it takes a year sometimes due to my workload as well as trying to balance work and family, etc. I always appreciate the patience of my clients!

This is the first stage of a painting of a home I am painting on Smith Lake in Alabama. It is a beautiful home that sits on a small bluff. Below you can see how pretty the water is--very close to what I remember the Atlantic looking like when I was on my honeymoon in the Virgin Islands! Isn't it remarkable? I'll post more pics of my work as I get more done!

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