She Chef

She Chef
8x10 oil on canvas panel
$100 plus $10 shipping SOLD

I was on a roll painting today and churned out this one too. I love chef paintings and anything portraying a nice restaurant, great food, great times...


ckayser said...

Love this one, Sis! Rock on! I'm hoping to start the painting a day thing, too, when my photography slows a bit. I can't wait!


Carole Foret said...

Thanks, Sis--I have loved being revitalized by the act of getting some paintngs done--whether daily, hourly or weekly. It's been awesome and the reward, naturally, is that our painting improves! Yay!

I do encourage you to get to that point. I'm really working on it.

Love you!

Bonnie Hurst said...

I LOVE that I can add you to my daily visits of my favorite daily painters blogs! I love the chef!

Edward B. Gordon said...

this is a very exiting painting !