Coffee Mugs

At Under the Christmas Tree last weekend--a Christmas Marketplace where I set up a booth to sell my work, I painted on site these 2 small paintings of cups. Well, actually, a friend came by and saw the one on the right and wanted it and asked if I could paint another one similar to be picked up the next day. I said, "Sure!" The story is cool: The wife of this man, Mrs. Fossett, is going to Holland to visit with some American friends who live there still--the Fossetts lived there too some time ago. She is taking these as gifts to her friends since they all loved to share coffee together. I thought that was really sweet! I love the stories that go along with my paintings...I also painted one of my Eiffel Towers which sold as well over the weekend. I didn't get a photo of it....These 2 are 6x10 on wood panels from the awesome Dick Blick. sold


HEWY said...

Sorry I missed it. I love checking out your lastest paintings. Great Blog!

Carole Foret said...

Thanks, Hewy!