I found this photo of a pile of craw-daddys in a book in New Orleans when I was staying at the Monteleone Hotel and loved the way they were lying there looking at the camera.  The photo was fantastic in and of itself, but I wanted to translate it into paint showing the details that photo held in the most-focused areas.  So you will see the texture of the claws and the dimensional eyeballs in this.  It was fun to do! As my student, Sarah, could attest, I started this very haphazardly and was glad that she wasn't really following along, but it finally came to life.  We laughed about it.

Acrylic on Canvas, 10x8, $250 plus shipping


Famous Artists Paintings said...

We wish you all the best for this memorable paintings, by the team of Famous Artists??

Dana Johnson Plein air Artist said...

thanks for visiting my blog a few weeks ago....i love your work...it has so much personality and beautiful colors...and your painting of Jesus is an inspiration...i have been wanting to paint one for a long time...this may just be the push i needed

carol morgan carmichael said...

Carole, really like your work. Like your bold colors and style. My sister, Lesli Blair ,told me about your studio in Athens a while back. We are going to be in Athens tomorrow (March 26) afternoon and will stop by if you are open.