Today's painting is one that I demonstrated for my Creative Spirit class--I love these women who have been studying with me since the end of January about spirituality and creativity. We have all learned so much! We have bonded in such beautiful ways too--if only you could hear the beautiful things that God is doing through these girls! Awesome!

Coffee still lifes are pretty common for me to paint, and Sabrina in the class began one, and I couldn't resist painting along with her. Hers turned out beautifully AS DID ALL OF THE GIRLS' PAINTINGS TODAY. Yes, I'm stressing that point.

Acrylic on Canvas, 11x14, $395 plus $10 shipping SOLD


Takin' a Break!

I'm headed out of town to Valdosta, Georgia with my band, Sister Grace for the next couple of days.  We are having a concert, sharing our music ministry Tuesday night.  Please pray for us, if you will, that we will glorify God through our music...After that, I will be meeting my family for a much-needed vacation at the beach.  Have a blessed Holy Week, and I'll return by Easter Sunday and begin a new week that Monday. I'll leave you with links to Sister Grace's site and music.


Handmade in Mexico

My cowgirl boots that my husband gave me for Christmas about 5 years ago. They have made such a good painting subject. This painting is reserved for a friend who helps my band out in so many ways and never wants any compensation for his work. He is a true angel. Finished it today! Pleaes contact us if you are interested in a giclee on canvas of this one or any of the paintings on my site or blog!

12 x 12, Acrylic On Canvas, SOLD



Sorry I haven't posted in a few days--I have been teaching workshops like crazy and having a blast! Check out my Artful Living blog for the fun pics and posts. This painting is of a still life I set up for one of my workshops--my students painted this larger after I did this small oil piece. It portrays my idea of a nice Friday evening!

Oil on board, 8x8, $200 plus $7 shipping SOLD